Posted on May 22, 2014 · 1 min read
Scarred MacBook Pro

This is my formerly-brand-new MacBook Pro. It was delivered on Monday, May 19 around noon EDT. Unfortunately, it was dropped on the sidewalk Kendall Square earlier this afternoon around 5 PM. It didn’t even last a week. Fortunately, the damage is purely cosmetic.

Despite this fact, I am finding it hard to sleep tonight. I keep reliving that moment I rather pridefully pulled my shiny new laptop from my backpack only to clumsily drop it, nearly catch it, miss, and watch it bounce off the asphalt. The laptop still works; I’m using it to write this post. However, it’s not enough that the computer merely function. I want it to look pretty, too!

I was going to write about minimalism and having too much stuff; but, that’s not actually relevant to this situation. No, the issue is that I have invested a considerable sum of money into a rather nice laptop. Said laptop happens to be made of a single block of aluminum, making the damage permanent.

That’s the problem: permanence. It’s the permanent reminder of my failure to react quickly. It’s the permanent reminder of pride getting the better of me. I was going to buy a decal/skin to cover up the scarring. Now? I think I’ll leave it uncovered as a reminder.