SyncFit (formerly FitSync) is an iOS application I created to sync my Fitbit data to Apple Health. I prefer the visualizations used in Apple Health over those in the Fitbit app, and I like the idea of having all of my health data in a single repository.

SyncFit is capable of retrieving intraday—up to the minute—heart rate and step data from the Fitbit API. Fitbit limits which third-party apps can access this data. I get around this limitation by asking users to register their own personal developer applications.

App setup

If you’ve ended up at this page from the app store, here are the steps you need to follow to create your credentials for use with SyncFit.

  1. Login at using your Fitbit account. This is the account you created when you initially set up your Fitbit.
  2. Complete the application form. Most of the values are irrelevant for our use case, but these must be set exactly:
    • Callback URL: syncfit://params
    • OAuth 2.0 Application Type: Personal
    • Default Access Type: Read-only

    Click here to pre-fill the form with defaults for the other fields:

    • Application Name: SyncFit
    • Description: Sync data to Apple Health
    • Application Website:
    • Organization: Personal
    • Organization Website:
    • Terms of Service URL:
    • Privacy Policy URL:

    The form should resemble the inputs shown in this image:

    Fitbit application form

  3. Save the application. This should redirect your browser to the detail page for your new application. This page has two key pieces of information: Client ID and Client Secret. This is the data you will input in the Setup view for SyncFit.

Privacy policy

Your data is yours. I don’t want it. All data downloaded from Fitbit remains on your iPhone.


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