Tech News

I was asked earlier how I stay up-to-date on technology. My deepest learning comes from doing the work. Some of that work is at Stripe. The rest comes from personal projects.

In terms of staying updated on tech/startup news, I rely on a number of sources. Similar to my page on podcasts, here is a list of resources I rely on for tech news. I don’t track my internet usage, but I estimate I spend about 30 minutes per day reading these.

Multi-reddit: This is my curated list of sub-reddits. The included sub-reddits range from specific languages and frameworks to more people-related ones such as r/ExperiencedDevs.

Hacker News: Hacker News is a place where folks associated with the tech world post about a variety of topics. As the guidelines state, anything that might gratify one’s intellectual curiosity is on-topic. Hacker News is maintained by YCombinator, a startup incubator.

RSS Feeds: Here is a list of sites that I have subscribed to over the years. They are kinda alphabetized.