MIT Senior House

I’ve been reading various posts on Facebook, reddit, and Medium about MIT’s recent announcement of a moratorium on freshmen in Senior House. The overwhelming majority of what I am reading is dissatisfaction with the MIT administration. Many feel this another step to squash the culture normally associated with east campus. I didn’t spend much time […]

Let’s Encrypt

Take a look at your URL bar. See that green lock? That’s about 10 hours of work this weekend, approximately 9 more than planned! Nevertheless, I am happy to share that all of my personally-hosted sites are now served exclusively via SSL thanks to Let’s Encrypt. Let’s Encrypt is a new certificate authority issuing free […]


Last week MIT announced a new path to earning it’s one-year Supply Chain Management (SCM) master’s degree. Students can take the first semester of courses online at edX, earning a “MicroMaster’s” degree. After successful completion of the micro-master’s degree, students can apply to the full program, complete a semester of residential courses, and earn the […]


This weekend I attended the MIT Alumni Leadership Conference (ALC) where the topic of MOOCs came up. The brief discussion was around the question of what will MIT’s alumni composition look like in 5-20 years. It was suggested that MITx blurs the alumni lines. The logical evolution of MOOCs is to grow from single courses to bundled courses focuses […]

Felons Voting

Update: A blog entry has been posted on the ACLU’s site with the author describing her experience of being disenfranchised after completing probation. The fact that someone can be punished for a crime after already having been punished is simply asinine! A few months ago a question popped into my head after reading an opinion piece: If all felons […]


tl;dr Use your words to relay information, both good and bad. Especially the bad. Today was a bit busier than most Wednesdays. I had an audition that, instead of the planned 30 minutes, lasted nearly three hours. I was mostly okay with this. I’ve attended auditions in the past and, despite signing up for time slots, they always run […]