happy birthday

Today marks my 32nd birthday, and I must admit that I am not very excited. The past six months have been pretty rough. I feel isolated. My interests in circus and photography have dwindled. I am emotionally drained. This all kinda sucks right now. Here’s to a better year. happy birthday


Last week MIT announced a new path to earning it’s one-year Supply Chain Management (SCM) master’s degree. Students can take the first semester of courses online at edX, earning a “MicroMaster’s” degree. After successful completion of the micro-master’s degree, students can apply to the full program, complete a semester of residential courses, and earn the […]


This weekend I attended the MIT Alumni Leadership Conference (ALC) where the topic of MOOCs came up. The brief discussion was around the question of what will MIT’s alumni composition look like in 5-20 years. It was suggested that MITx blurs the alumni lines. The logical evolution of MOOCs is to grow from single courses to bundled courses focuses […]