Delivering Bad News

Disclaimer: Coursera is a competitor of edX (where I work). My views are my own, not those of edX. Last week Coursera announced they’d be shutting down their old platform, removing some older courses. Hacker News and reddit went crazy and trashed Coursera. Ironically, Coursera made the right choice. They simply did a poor job […]

MIT Senior House

I’ve been reading various posts on Facebook, reddit, and Medium about MIT’s recent announcement of a moratorium on freshmen in Senior House. The overwhelming majority of what I am reading is dissatisfaction with the MIT administration. Many feel this another step to squash the culture normally associated with east campus. I didn’t spend much time […]

Let’s Encrypt

Take a look at your URL bar. See that green lock? That’s about 10 hours of work this weekend, approximately 9 more than planned! Nevertheless, I am happy to share that all of my personally-hosted sites are now served exclusively via SSL thanks to Let’s Encrypt. Let’s Encrypt is a new certificate authority issuing free […]


Last week MIT announced a new path to earning it’s one-year Supply Chain Management (SCM) master’s degree. Students can take the first semester of courses online at edX, earning a “MicroMaster’s” degree. After successful completion of the micro-master’s degree, students can apply to the full program, complete a semester of residential courses, and earn the […]


This weekend I attended the MIT Alumni Leadership Conference (ALC) where the topic of MOOCs came up. The brief discussion was around the question of what will MIT’s alumni composition look like in 5-20 years. It was suggested that MITx blurs the alumni lines. The logical evolution of MOOCs is to grow from single courses to bundled courses focuses […]

Felons Voting

Update: A blog entry has been posted on the ACLU’s site with the author describing her experience of being disenfranchised after completing probation. The fact that someone can be punished for a crime after already having been punished is simply asinine! A few months ago a question popped into my head after reading an opinion piece: If all felons […]